Artist Editions – be transported to a different world

Thinking about beauty and creativity in everyday things inspired the creation of the Artist Editions. The first portfolio of surface decorated fixtures was launched in 1985. The products come in various materials such as bronze, marble and glass and are sporting diverse intricate patterns.

A small dedicated team of artisans in Kohler, Wisconsin, USA, balance artistry and craftsmanship with utility. They work on these elaborate designs and complicated patterns in a room next to the kilns. The sinks serve as the canvases for their art.

The designs are inspired by cultures, countries and artistic traditions. Up until the 18th century it was a delicate affair to hand-paint ceramics and keep them in pristine conditions. The English transferware process invention of applying ceramic paint, additional colors and better images to the material was a complete game changer. This process which is still applied today is not only faster, but more durable and consistent.

The designed patterns are hand-applied to the vessels and fired in a custom kiln. We use it to create the Artist Editions designs on fixtures, sinks, toilets and even faucet handles.

For the glass sinks, the glass makers heat, pour, cast, spin or press glass for the forms, textures, colors, and translucency.

In fancy bathrooms these sinks and fixtures designs take center stage, become collectible objects and give your bathroom a spa-like atmosphere. You can design this space to your very personal liking with these luxurious items.

Dive into the world of Artist Editions.


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