Mastering Moments - Enabling

Mastering Moments – design process ENABLING

October 21, 2017

ENABLING – where thoughtful design reassures people that this is time not spent, but invested. By connecting with people’s lives and values we can make rituals more personally meaningful. And that assists a mindset that [Read more…]

Mastering Moments - Easy

Mastering Moments – design process EASY

October 20, 2017

EASY – where to make time work well, we must compress friction and extend fluency.As designers, this is where we must concentrate on interaction time – and manipulate it by removing time-consuming or frustrating steps [Read more…]

Christy Davis and Ravi Varanasi

Getting Combinatorial – getting started

October 19, 2017

When we think about new ideas and products, we think about growth, differentiation and innovation. Based on our sustainability strategy and our pioneering curiosity for enhanced functionality and beautiful style, we drive innovative thinking of [Read more…]

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