Green is Gold – Kohler Forest Project

September 1, 2016

China has one of the lowest proportional forest coverage (percentage of total land area) in the world. The government and the inhabitants have a strong interest to create a better sustainable biosphere for future generations. [Read more…]


Product Design Red Dot Winners 2016

August 30, 2016

We are the happy winners of two product design awards in 2016 for a toilet seat attachment, a shower enclosure. In the category bathrooms and spas the cleansing toilet seat C3-050-201 manufactured in China and [Read more…]


China: Freedom between people

August 28, 2016

Tu Feng‘s ceramic sculptures for the Bold. Art. exhibition speak of people, life and their interactions. Freedom, Ceramics Tu Feng interprets the exhibition topic through his artistic language. The semi-abstract art piece of burnt white [Read more…]


China: Tung Feng’s eternity of life

August 28, 2016

Tu Feng respectively Li Bao’en is a contemporary Chinese ceramic artist who has created sculptures for the past twenty years. Many of his pieces represent eternity of life that he expresses through distinctive symbolism. His [Read more…]


Chen An-an debuts at Kohler and the arts program

August 25, 2016

Taiwanese pottery artist Chen An-an graduated from the National Taiwan University of Arts in the sculpture department. She specializes in ceramics and sculptures, expressing her ideas in detail. Her work represents moment frozen in time. [Read more…]


Design Tour 2016 – designers’ impressions

August 19, 2016

Listen to designers from around the region talk about the Kohler Design Tour 2016 in Shanghai, China. They share their impressions of our efforts and investments in technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing. The 2-day event took [Read more…]

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