Mark Bickerstaffe

Interior design tip: drawing the outside in

May 1, 2017

Mark Bickerstaffe presented the weekly interior design tips on the TV show The Apartment, season 5 that we sponsor. In this segment he focused on transitional natural design. Essentially this means bringing the exterior into [Read more…]


DIFFA – designing for impact

March 30, 2017

At DIFFA’s 20th annual Dining by Design in March in New York City, the New York-based, global lifestyle brand Tzelan partnered with Steelite International and Materials Inc presenting the booth “Reflections”. The design industry’s largest [Read more…]


340 liters of pure delight – Abrazo

March 10, 2017

Abrazo (Spanish for embrace) the new lithocast free standing bathtub inspired by clay pottery and the curvaceous shape of the nautilus shell. Its unique shape, texture and design will be the focal point in any [Read more…]

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