Mastering Moments - Enabling

Mastering Moments – design process ENABLING

October 21, 2017

ENABLING – where thoughtful design reassures people that this is time not spent, but invested. By connecting with people’s lives and values we can make rituals more personally meaningful. And that assists a mindset that [Read more…]

Mastering Moments - Easy

Mastering Moments – design process EASY

October 20, 2017

EASY – where to make time work well, we must compress friction and extend fluency.As designers, this is where we must concentrate on interaction time – and manipulate it by removing time-consuming or frustrating steps [Read more…]

Smart City glass structure

What is a smart city ?

September 27, 2017

This guest post was written by Anil Bhaskaran. India is in the process of creating a hundred ‘smart cities’. It is pertinent, therefore, at this point in time, to take look at the question – what, after [Read more…]

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