Mark Bickerstaffe

5 Bathroom design tips by Mark Bickerstaffe

May 16, 2017

Mark Bickerstaffe, director new product development K&B APAC & EMEA, shared five latest bathroom designs in South Africa and everywhere else with Visi Magazine last month. Here are they: Authenticity Artisanal and cultural elements in [Read more…]

Asian design styles The Apartment

The Apartment – Asian Design Styles

May 15, 2017

Watch the young, aspiring architects and designers and contestants of the reality show The Apartment, season 5, talk about how Asia has influenced their design styles and learn how Asia in general is influencing design.Heading [Read more…]


Design Trend: Machine red

May 4, 2017

There is a resurgence of the ‘Machine Red’. This trend is a demanding color to boost confidence and positivity. In spirit, we are going back to the 60 and 70 where sports cars, facades, clothing, [Read more…]

Mark Bickerstaffe

Interior design tip: drawing the outside in

May 1, 2017

Mark Bickerstaffe presented the weekly interior design tips on the TV show The Apartment, season 5 that we sponsor. In this segment he focused on transitional natural design. Essentially this means bringing the exterior into [Read more…]

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