Hotel Trend: Chip Conley on waning interests to buy a house

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During the Disruption Roundtable at America’s Lodging Investment Summit in January 2017 Chip Conley, shared his views on the nature of travel. He believes that in twenty years from now, a large portion of the population will have little interest in buying a house. houseless generationInstead these people will have plans to spend their time on the road which could be anywhere from one week to three months at a time. It is also likely that independent employment will rise and this group will work from anywhere using mobile anywhereFor the travel industry this means a huge growth potential. If people are on the move, they need places to stay. However, it also poses a big challenge, because the millennials, Generation Z and millennial mind-set people (who have adopted the life-style of the millennials) will not be interested in ordinary hotels and hotels rooms in corporate suburban locations. The hotel industry will have to rethink what will best fit this target audience.The globeHotels around the world are already adapting to this trend of “people on the move” and the natives of the “sharing economy”. It is likely that more properties will become more of a “home” – somewhere, anywhere.

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