KOHLER Kitchens Steve Leung Collection

Steve Leung collection kitchen

Steve Leung Kitchen faucetAt China Kitchen & Bath 2017, we unveiled the latest and much awaited in KOHLER Kitchen Masters Collection – the elegant and contemporary design by Steve Leung.Steve Leung collection kitchenThe competition catered towards the future cooks, but we feel that we don’t want to wait so long until they will build their own kitchen.future cooks So, we created an astonishing design for today’s culinary experts.
Steve Leung kitchen storageThe built-in kitchen opens towards the living or dining room and unassumingly complements the designs of these spaces. Kohler branded panAt the same time it is also a focal point with the sophisticated kitchen elements storage, preparation, cook and enjoyment that all shine on their own.Steve Leung Kitchen storageBringing the four parts together in a harmonious way guarantees the one of a kind kitchen experience and reflects Steve Leung’s aim that he has for all the kitchen designs that he ever undertook. Steve’s work reflect minimalism and contemporary style applicable to Asia and the rest of the world.Steve Leung Collection storage

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