14 June is International Bath Day

bath toy

bubble bathArchimedes, the Greek mathematician, scientist and scholar who lived around 260 BC, loved to take his bath to contemplate his day’s work and letting his thoughts marinate by being submerged in water. On one such occasion, he discovered the object volume theory. He leaped out of the wonderful wet and ran around the streets of Syracuse shouting: Heureka, heureka!bathtubHence, the 14 June was declared International Bath Day. The day is celebrated as a time for learning and discovery. Letting the kids go wild in the water lab, they will learn the basic properties of physics such as empty/full, float/sink, heavy/light by playing with bath toys such as rubber ducks and plastic cups.bath toy
And for adults – well, have you ever taken a shower with candles?
candles bathTaking a bath is definitely more relaxing than a shower – whether you read a book or add the bubbles, bathing massages your soul and lets you float of into your imaginary world of wonder and dreams. candle bathWe are not saying, you should not shower. Heavens no! But we do encourage you to also take regular baths for world’s discoveries, learning and restoring your inner balance.bath ducks
Enjoy International Bath Day.

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