1,400 Clarity Water Filters for Cambodia

1,400 Clarity Water Filters SOO_2813


A shipment of 1,400 Clarity water filters arrived in late March in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This new shipment came about due to the joint and incessant efforts of Bill Bensley, architect and co-founder of the Shinta Mani Foundation, and Kohler Associates who ran in pleasant and less pleasant conditions during the Run for Clarity.1,400 Clarity Water Filters SOO_2714Bill Bensley has worked and lived in Cambodia for many years. Currently, he is building a new project: Shinta Mani Wild. It is a resort that is located in a remote part of the country South of Phnom Penh, the capital city, and will be an exclusive sanctuary for people and animals. Bill’s commitment to preserving the beauty and the pristine surroundings of the areas he works in is legendary. Bill Bensley 1In addition to his financial aid, he also frequently donates his speaking fees from events, for example the Kohler Bold Design Awards in the Philippines, to the purchase of water filters. He is focused on improving the living conditions of people who live in rural, less fortunate areas and countries.1,400 Clarity Water Filters SOO_2796Rural Cambodia is one of the poorest and least developed areas in the world. Access to clean, drinkable water is a daily challenge. Children who are deprived of potable water often fall ill and are unable to go to school or do other activities. The Clarity Water filters that eliminate 99% of bacteria and protozoa help to provide a basis for a healthy start for these young people. Only a few liters of clean water a day are already a guarantee for an education that will ultimately lead to a better, improved life and a bright future.1,400 Clarity Water Filters SOO_2851Giving back is a strong feeling at Kohler Company. We regularly organize activities to help and support communities that are less fortunate. In 2017, the Kohler Associates from all over the world ran an accumulated 40,075 kilometers within a three months period to raise money for 5,000 Clarity water filters. The goal was not only achieved but exceeded all expectations.1,400 Clarity Water Filters SOO_2845The 5,000 Clarity water filters are on their way to the people who need them most. The first delivery was part of the 1,400 filters in Cambodia. Others will go to China, India, Vietnam, and other rural communities where access to clean drinking water is not a given.1,400 Clarity Water Filters SOO_2794The community in Angkor Thom, Cambodia, received this great Water Festival (Khmer-Cambodia New Year) gift during the hottest month of the year. At this time it is even more challenging to find adequate water sources.1,400 Clarity Water Filters SOO_2793A further donation of 150 water filters was made in Banteay Srey district to improve the living conditions in the village of Prey where the Shinta Mani Foundation also drilled wells to facilitate the access to water.1,400 Clarity Water Filters SOO_2848After almost one year, the team gets ready to bring replacement filters to the people in the village of Roka, Battambang, Cambodia. The delivery is expected to arrive in May or June and bringing the filters to the community. It will be a chance to see the results and the changes that these water filters have achieved in this tragedy-ridden village.1,400 Clarity Water FiltersSOO_2767


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