Kazuyo Sejima of SANAA architects – strong firsts

January 25, 2017

[fb_button] Highly acclaimed Kazuyo Sejima, a Japanese architect, didn’t need the women’s march to draw attention. Through her work, she continually got noticed and recognized in the industry. Clean modernist female architect, Kazuyo Sejima loves [Read more…]


Hanoi RITAVO PRO Center showroom opening

January 19, 2017

[fb_button] Ten years ago, Vietnam changed. The country joined the WTO in 2007 marking the its international economic integration and big bang debut on the world markets. Since then the country has seen a huge change [Read more…]


True Pecha Kucha – Less is more

January 17, 2017

[fb_button] In December we concluded another round of Pecha Kucha in India. This series of fun gatherings in six cities across India – Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai and Dehli – with the overarching topic [Read more…]


Coming soon: Real Rain shower

January 13, 2017

[fb_button] Imagine raindrops falling, the sprinkle of spring rain, the deluge of summer down pours, and being a kid again who runs barefoot through it all… The Real Rain™ shower panel with 775 different nozzles [Read more…]


KBIS trending and gazing into crystal balls

January 13, 2017

[fb_button] The new product innovations, buzzing social media technologies and exquisite Kohler Original Recipe chocolate are not the only things that make us stand out at KBIS 2017. On Day 2, our innovation panel (broadcasted live [Read more…]


Sweet, sweet architecture

January 11, 2017

[fb_button] Dinara Kasko, an Ukrainian pastry chef and former architect and designer, approaches her dessert creations as if they were architectural designs. She experiments with materials, textures, forms, volumes, proportions – all edible, of course!After [Read more…]

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