Run for Clarity South Korea

Run for Clarity kicked off in South Korea

June 29, 2017

[fb_button] Our global initiative Run for Clarity kicked off in South Korea in June 2017. An overwhelming number of participants – namely 1,000 runners tackled the 5km respectively 10km course in Yeouido Han River park.The [Read more…]


Singapore: Integrate – cultural understanding

June 27, 2017

[fb_button] Tan Shao Qi‘s art piece addresses the tolerance and mutual understanding that are the crucial elements bringing the diverse Singaporean society together. Through the metaphor of the river the values binding our society is [Read more…]

Home of Innovation

LEED seminars at SABIC in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

June 26, 2017

[fb_button] On 3 May 2017, Joe Azzarello and our team conducted two LEED seminars with employees from Saudi Basic Industries Corporation’s (SABIC), architects and engineers in Riyadh’s Techno-Valley at King Saud University. Before the presentations [Read more…]

Tower in Tower housing

Filling out Hong Kong’s last remaining spaces

June 23, 2017

[fb_button] Bee Breeders International, a leading international architecture competition company, challenged the participants of the first Hong Kong Pixel Homes competition with huge socio-economic problems: housing space and affordability.In the late 18th century architects began [Read more…]

Chile Composed launch

Composed launched in Santiago, Chile

June 23, 2017

[fb_button] The end of March 2017 saw another memorable event in South America. Together with Budnik, we launched our Composed Line at the Bercia, the House of Arch-Lovers, in Santiago, Chile.During the festive evening the [Read more…]

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