Children playing with water

Rob Zimmerman simplifies sustainability

July 27, 2017

[fb_button] Robert Zimmerman, director of WaSH products, recently spoke with CR Magazine about our commitment to community stewardship and environmental sustainability. Corporate Responsibility Practitioner Roundup: Kohler In the run up to the COMMIT!Forum, CR Magazine spoke [Read more…]

San Raphael toilet

San Raphael – the making of a star

July 26, 2017

[fb_button] The star Meet the main actor. Created in 1977, San Raphael is the first one-piece toilet that didn’t contain all the 3.5 gallons per flush (GPF) in the tank. The contemporary, low-profile design of [Read more…]

Kohler faucet

Kitchen faucets – endless choices

July 25, 2017

[fb_button] When choosing a kitchen faucet you are looking for practical beauty that perfectly fits into your kitchen design. To make the right decision form, function and finishes should be considered.In terms of form it [Read more…]


Bleisure trips are a trend not a fad

July 21, 2017

[fb_button] Bleisure, a traveling style, where the travel starts out as a business trip and then turns into a regular vacation, is here to stay. First viewed as a fad, several studies have shown that [Read more…]

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