KEC BKK Larry Yuen and David Kohler

KEC Bangkok: Impressions

September 30, 2017

[fb_button] A city like Bangkok, Thailand, offers endless entertainment options. But on 29 August 2017, a huge crowd and lots of media representatives chose the opening of the new Kohler Experience Center as their most [Read more…]

Smart City glass structure

What is a smart city ?

September 27, 2017

[fb_button] This guest post was written by Anil Bhaskaran. India is in the process of creating a hundred ‘smart cities’. It is pertinent, therefore, at this point in time, to take look at the question – what, [Read more…]

KEC Taipei

KEC Taipei: impressions

September 26, 2017

Almost a month has gone by since the impressive opening of the Kohler Experience Center in Taipei. Recovering from a great celebration and party, it is now all business as usual. See some impressions from [Read more…]

Dark Chocolate Brandy

Our Chocolate Brandy goes international

September 25, 2017

[fb_button] Recently, at the Kohler Experience Center opening in New Delhi, India, and at the Kohler Design Escape in Bangkok, Thailand, we had crafty barmen whip up the latest cocktails with Dark Chocolate Brandy. In October [Read more…]

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