Iwan Baan photographer - portrait

Iwan Baan, Architecture Photographer

January 5, 2018

[fb_button] Iwan Baan is the world’s foremost architecture photographer. It’s a subjective title, but many architects feel they must have their building shot by him. That means a rigorous work schedule around the world, so [Read more…]

Kohler Pecha Kucha India opening screen

5th Pecha Kucha Anniversary in India

January 4, 2018

[fb_button] The Imperial Hotel New Delhi saw a large crowd of architects and designers congregate on 1 December 2017. The occasion was the celebration of the fifth anniversary of Kohler’s Pecha Kucha. The format of [Read more…]

Kohler Hackathon 2017 China - sleeping

The Bathroom Hackathon, China

January 2, 2018

[fb_button] Following last year’s success of the brain marathon (hackathon), our China team got all excited to start a new round of hackathon with 43 student teams from top universities in China this past October. [Read more…]

Julian Treasure at the Kohler Design Escape Bangkok 2017

Design Talk with Julian Treasure on silence

January 1, 2018

[fb_button] In the last segment of our interview with Julian Treasure at the Siam Kempinski in Bangkok, Thailand, we talked about the relationship between sound and silence. Julian Treasure, a sound expert, articulated that many [Read more…]

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