5 Bathroom design tips by Mark Bickerstaffe

Mark Bickerstaffe


Mark Bickerstaffe, director new product development K&B APAC & EMEA, shared five latest bathroom designs in South Africa and everywhere else with Visi Magazine last month. Here are they:

  1. Authenticity
    Artisanal and cultural elements in your bathroom makes it more authentic, unique and personal.bathroom authentic
  2. RRR
    Buy into the reuse, recycle and renew trend. Not all old products are not useable anymore. Furniture, fixtures and accessories give the bathroom a certain touch even if they are not brand new or have been used previously.bathroom rrr
  3. Balanced beauty
    Today is all about disruption. But the one place where you don’t want anything disruptive or unbalanced is your bathroom. Clean lines, balanced proportions, enough storage and an equilibrium between enjoyment and functionality are trending in the bathroom.bathroom balance
  4. Taking care of the environment
    Building on the balance idea, we also need this stability within the ecosystem we live in. We need to take care of the earth and our environments. Water-saving products and responsible use of water consumptions are certainly part of this movement.Watersaving toilet
  5. Coloring your life
    Mark shares a color trend for 2017 every month or so. On average bathrooms will only be renewed and renovated every five to ten years. Using a long lasting color trend and something that either blends in with the current hype or a color of which you don’t tire, make a lot of sense in the bathroom. Neutral elements and touches of metallic fulfill this perfectly.bathroom colors

Mark also share some of these tips with the audience of The Apartment reality show that we co-sponsored this season.


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