5th Pecha Kucha Anniversary in India

Kohler Pecha Kucha India opening screen

The Imperial Hotel New Delhi saw a large crowd of architects and designers congregate on 1 December 2017. The occasion was the celebration of the fifth anniversary of Kohler’s Pecha Kucha. The format of Japanese chit chat with 20 slides in 20 seconds each is an intense and different experience for architects. Kohler Pecha Kucha logo

Kohler Pecha Kucha logo 2

Usually, they like to take their time to explain their designs and creations. In this challenge, though, they are asked to be brief and intensely focused.Kohler Pecha Kucha India StageOur India team has run these events very successfully for the past five years and were immensely happy to welcome an enthusiastic and large group of guests to this year’s event. Under the theme ‘Beauty lies in Imperfection’ the six speakers tackled the task once again.
Kohler Pecha Kucha India stageSince the beginning of the event series in 2013 more than 150 architects, designers and people from the graphics and arts industry have presented in eight cities. More than 600 guests came to hear their presentations and ask questions at the end. David Kohler at Kohler Pecha Kucha India To celebrate this properly, David Kohler came to the latest Pecha Kucha event. The speakers had a chance to share a toast and chit chat with him after their presentations – not limited to 20 seconds.
David Kohler toasting with speakers at Kohler Pechak Kucha IndiaIn addition to the Pecha Kucha event on stage, there was an art exhibition curated by Art and Found, an online platform connecting artists and art enthusiasts. The eight artists displayed 60 pieces of art that consisted of paintings and installations. Art exhibition at Kohler Pecha Kucha IndiaVisitors to the event walked through a temporary exhibition hall showcasing the artists’ work. Seven artists attended the event and were available for questions and gave explanations about their work and the work process.Art exhibition at Kohler Pecha Kucha IndiaEach guest also received an anniversary booklet that contained the biographical information about the speakers as well as the artists and a piece remembering Hema Upadhyay who had been a speaker in an earlier event and has now sadly passed away. One of her art pieces was also hung in the exhibition at the event.Art piece at Kohler Pecha Kucha India

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