Architect’ 16 is Back to Basic


What does the word ‘basic’ mean? Fundamental, critical, essential, necessary – all these synonyms illustrate the significance of its meaning. Architecturally, we often associate the term with the primitive, the vernacular, even the banal. However, we sometimes forget to take into consideration the relative and temporal nature of the term. What was considered ‘basic’ in the 1900s was a radically different paradigm from what we consider as ‘basic’ today.

The question of what is the definition of ‘basic’ is marked as this year’s theme for Architect’16, one of the most significant showcases in architecture and design in Thailand and Southeast Asia, hosted by The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage. The event will be held from April 26 – May 1, at Impact Challenger Hall 1-3, Muangthong Thani in Bangkok.

This year, the organizer also hosted the international design competition, where creative works of 30 finalists will be exhibited there and the winners will be announced on April 29 at 6 pm.

Find out more about the event at and Check out the finalists of the competition, visit

Click the video to view the introduction clip of the event

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