Abduction into the world of passion – Plexe-e project

At B-Pro Research Cluster 6 (RC6), part of the Barlett School of Architecture, an architecture school with award-winning research and teaching facilities, students often push boundaries. Critical thinking and creative exploration is encouraged and demanded. One project that demonstrates this challenge beautifully is the DNA-like Plexe-e furniture and renderings.
The foam tubes used are intertwined and woven in different styles to create ornamental patterns that are stitched together. Finally, they are covered in cement to add stability. The designs were computed and the techniques refined, so that they could create complex architectural arches, columns and designs.
The tutors and students at RC6 are particularly interested in crafting interdisciplinary techniques and new combinations that can be applied digitally and in hands-on manufacturing operations. For this study of a chair leaning towards a gothic style, Christina Bali, Nadiah Shahril and Christiana Tzovla used their inventiveness and wit to enhance the human experience as well as their concern with the environment.

Watch the mesmerizing video of Plexe-e (derived from the latin word plectere = to braid).

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