AD Design Show New York City – Impressions

AD Design Show Richard Clarkson Studio _DSC0039-2-3


Spring in New York City is a fabulous time – visiting the AD Design Show made it even better. The city that is the most creative hub in the United States according to the Cultural Times report by UNESCO and EY is as always energetic, creative, and with a vibe that makes one wish to be an entrepreneur or at least a creator or a manufacturer or a designer.AD Design Show AvramRusu_Confetti_Glass_Chandelier_OrangeHaving strolled down to Piers 92 & 94 and entered the interior design world immersed visitors to the AD Design Show completely and gave them a chance to feel like a design superstar for a day or two. AD Design Show LawlessChair1 by Aratani・FayBetween the AD apartment where American design firms presented boldest and sophisticated interior design solutions, the Designer Focus with four unique interiors based on non-client briefs, and the Associative Design with new designs curated by the Portuguese association AIMMP, show attendees’ minds and senses tingled and soared.AD Design Show 1_Associative Design_The Best of Portugal_Andesine Armchair by Muranti FurnitureThe onslaught of information, visual and sensory creativity, and the sheer number of great new and innovative ideas was more than impressive. It left many speechless, scratched an itch, and kicked more than one person into gears to get on the design path.AD Design Show mylands-finn-stone-15The well-organized trade show with so many imaginative installations and beautifully designed booths was a wonderful debut for the upcoming interior design shows in Europe, especially Salone del Mobile in Milan, and the United States – ICFF in New York etc. in April and May.AD Design Show Ariana Ost FullSizeRender 13We couldn’t help ourselves but to share some of the luxury living pieces we saw and that made us stop, think, and admire.AD Design Show Castelluxe 170915_OceanBluDesigns_Hampton_040_preview.jpeg

AD Design Show New Growth Boxwood Spiral

AD Design Show 3_Associative Design_The Best of Portugal Se7e-life-design_The-Berco Chair

AD Design Show Karen Gayle Tinney 516A

AD Design Show Richard Clarkson Studio 5 2

AD Design Show 2ndAveAnilloEllipsePendantPhoto174918

AD Design Show Carrie Gustafson TRUSLOW_161101Gustafson_StingRayEmbola_008_PRINT

Source: photos are courtesy of AD Design Show.


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