After “Sleep” there is Dine and Dance


kohler-sleep-exhibition-118-of-118At the end of the Sleep – Europe’s most prominent Hotel design event at the Business Center in London – we hosted a dinner party for 120 designers, developers and distributors at the award-winning Brewery in Central London.


kohler-sleep-exhibition-98-of-118The guest shared their newly gained knowledge of stylish and innovative products from international brands that they discovered, networked, shared information, insights, and inspiration from the conference and the exhibition. The new guestroom concepts that were developed by social scientists and international designers for the conference’s theme “Science of Tribes” made for a good dinner conversation and gave rise to a desire to travel the world and discover these new, arresting spaces.

kohler-sleep-exhibition-58-of-118 kohler-sleep-exhibition-63-of-118 kohler-sleep-exhibition-65-of-118
kohler-sleep-exhibition-68-of-118 kohler-sleep-exhibition-71-of-118 kohler-sleep-exhibition-79-of-118

The Sleep event is known for its next generation developments in the hospitality industry, and our booth – one among 160 – attracted hotel designers and others to learn about the latest innovations in the bathroom space.

kohler-sleep-exhibition-1-of-118 kohler-sleep-exhibition-5-of-118 kohler-sleep-exhibition-25-of-118
kohler-sleep-exhibition-4-of-118 kohler-sleep-exhibition-11-of-118 kohler-sleep-exhibition-22-of-118

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