Aleutian Triangle bath – space for you and your stuff

Aleutian bathtub

The new Aleutian Triangle bath fits into the corner of your bathroom providing ample space for you and your family to take a dip. It is also an ideal solution for your bathroom design, leaving lots of space for the rest of the appliances in the room.Aleutian bathtubWhether you are couple or a small family you can easily fit in the spacious tub. It is also equipped with an integrated Whirlpool for additional relaxation and enjoyment.Additional enjoyment comes with the generous storage space where cleansing and showering products are stored in easy reach for the bather on the apron outside the tub. The bamboo accessories offer a beautiful design element and additional storage space.Aleutian bathtubAn automatic flat drain design and automatic drainage system regulate water levels and help avoid water overflow.


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