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The Bavarian capital of Munich has a new luxury hotel to call its own. The Andaz Munich opened its doors in February 2019 in the hip Schwabing neighborhood that is only a stone’s throw away from the English Garden. It incorporates many elements from the city’s vibes and its traditions.

Whether you love the neo-classical style of the buildings at the Ludwigstrasse and the Leopoldstrasse or the classical garden itself with bike tracks, beer gardens and even a nude zone, the contrasts in the southern German city are vast. The new Andaz Munich unites them in contemporary design, architecture and the interiors of the property.

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At first glance, it appears to be a classically styled hospitality space but you might be in for a surprise. While the 227-room Andaz Munich is inspired by the strong Bavarian culture and customs, modern features and reimagined approaches are shown at the turn of every corner and in every cushion button, which, by the way, are made of deer antlers.

Designed by Concrete, an international architectural and design firm, the hotel sports state-of-the-art technology and old traditions in a refreshing way as is expected of the Andaz brand. The chain with properties in metropolises around the world is a true reflection of urban life infused with local art, culture and lifestyle.

At the Andaz Munich, the two-story-high columns in the lobby entrance, featuring video screens that are nearly seven meters high, are an art installation by Yves Peitzner showing arriving guests the Munich skies and welcoming them to the city of contrasts.

Seats in the form of pretzels, another symbol of the city and the region, in the adjoining lounge are made from bronze alloy and were produced by a local art foundry. Their golden shine and materiality immediately define the unique design language that is seen throughout the property.   

Architecture fans are quickly drawn to the iconic staircase on the fifth floor leading up to the rooftop swimming pool and The Lonely Broccoli restaurant that is connected to the ground-floor lounge attracts meatlovers. The open kitchen features an enormous hood in steel and glass, a fascinating charcoal grill, and a display of butcher cleavers, and if meat is your thing, there is a good chance that you will get excited about the open charcuterie bar.

For the less carnivorous among us, the meeting space with a nature-inspired wall of vertically hanging plants might be more enticing. The imposing five-meter-high, illuminated ballroom ceiling is three-dimensional and diamond-shaped. It folds down to the floor on one side. The countless programmable lighting moods turn it into a brightly colored object of light and adapt the space’s atmosphere at a fingertip. 

The light concept and reflection carry through in the M’uniqo sky bar at the top of the building. Offsetting the panoramic views is a large wine bottle rack that serves as the bar’s center. It backlights the hundreds of bottles and reflects their glow in the mirrored ceiling. The room has a feel of exclusivity and richness that is enhanced with the use of brass and petrol tones.   

The rooms were inspired by modern loft settings. They are spacious with minimal conventional walls. In fact, only two exposed raw steel frames denote the transition from the sleeping area to the living space and the bathroom. This creates a contemporary en suite that is light-filled and benefiting from the panoramic windows.

Hotel operator Hyatt didn’t spare any expenses on the recreational areas either. The spa and pool deck, inspired by the organic forms of the human body, is clad in natural materials, soft greens and oak. Some brass elements and light tile mosaics accentuate the space subtly and beautifully. The outdoor terrace invites guests to linger and take in the views over the neighborhood roofs.

On the ground floor, Café M is an annexed staff restaurant that is open on three sides. It gives the feeling of a picnic setting, maybe alluding to the nearby park. The casual decor and unpretentiousness of the space invite not only the employees but also guests and passersby as well.

The contemporary design of Andaz Munich, with its delicate, traditional details cleverly woven into it, welcomes guests to enjoy the city’s lifestyle in a comfortable, yet stylish environment.  

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Source: photos are courtesy of Hyatt and v2com.

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