Apartment renovation in Sao Paulo

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When Cesar and Daniela Coppola of Coletivo Architects were tasked with an apartment renovation in Sao Paulo, Brazil, they combined their creative approach with the attributes that Brazil is known for: natural environment, clear natural light, wood, and art.

Apartment renovation Brazil 2019

The 416 square meter apartment owned by a young entrepreneur speaks of the architects’ skills and taste for good living and technical expertise as well as a slight European influence.

Apartment renovation Brazil 2019

The two parallel white planes delineate the interior and the exterior of the mostly open-plan space. The Apartment is dominated by the living room with a warm, wood ceiling that added to the pleasant atmosphere of the place and also solved the interference of the existing structure.

Visually the design increases the height of the room and complements the woodwork used in the wine cellar and the floating wooden bench.

To counter the main room and social space, the dining room and home theatre are constructed with a lower ceiling to make the space cozier. These two rooms are a subtraction from the expansive floor plan of the living room. They are also separated by sliding doors.

Apartment renovation Brazil 2019

For the apartment renovation, the designers played with the natural light that floods the space. By using reflective materials such as polished stainless steel and mirrors in the bathroom and kitchen the pleasant Brazilian light is beautifully captured. The owner also wanted a larger kitchen with additional storage for silverware and linens.

The white wood panels are a strong design element that is seen throughout the main space. The panels are of different width for visual tension and adding interest to the room. They extend to the more private areas of the apartment where the family can find recluse.

In this part, the focus of the apartment renovation was on the master bedroom. The dressing room was extended with an ensuite bathroom using Calacatta marble countertops, hanging mirrors, oak wood, and milk glass. This helps to maximize the floor plan and, at the same time, benefits from the natural light streaming into the space.

apartment renovation

Throughout the apartment, the lighting concept is in harmony with the artwork that is displayed.   

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Source: photos are courtesy of v2com. Photos by Ruy Teixeira.

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