Arch Moscow 2019 pays homage to Bauhaus

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In honor of the celebration of Bauhaus 100th anniversary, the 24th annual International Exhibition of Architecture and Design Moscow ‘Arch Moscow 2019’ dedicated significant space to the special project of ‘Connect to Bauhaus’.

Arch Moscow 2019

Curated and designed by the German designer Maria Sonne-Frederiksen the special project united various brands and manufacturers and among them was also our sister brand Jacob Delafon to celebrate the design school’s big birthday. While Bauhaus started in Germany in 1919, the second director of the school Hannes Meyer and some of his graduates and students moved to the Soviet Union as early as 1930.

Arch Moscow 2019

Their work significantly influenced the architectural scene in Moscow as did the Bauhaus movement in the Western world.  The interdisciplinary approach informed the design scene of the 20th century in its approaches to visual art, graphic design, architecture, product, and furniture design.

The use of basic geometric forms such a circles, squares, and triangles, and base colors are a typical trade of the style. In later times, the architectural style of Bauhaus is often compared to cubism and functionalism.

The professors and teachers at the school which included also Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee whose fantastic animated artworks are currently on display at the River City Gallery in Bangkok conveyed to their students a sense of ‘complete work of art’.

The Arch Moscow 2019 has elegantly incorporated this notion under the theme ‘The Old and the New’. For the first time, the trade show and exhibition was held at the Central Exhibition Hall at The Manege in Moscow. During the four exhibition days from May 15 to 19, 2019, international, Western, and Russian architects, designers, developers, manufacturers, and distributors of exclusive building materials came together for a truly cultural event.

Arch Moscow 2019

The unique space of ‘Connect to Bauhaus’ that was a celebration of elegant geometric forms of the modernist movement was only one attraction. The excellent presentation program that spanned over the four days included honorable guests such as Angelo Mangiarotti and Totan Kuzembaev.

Arch Moscow 2019

Dotted as probably the best networking event for the industry in Russia, Arch Moscow 2019 offered Jacob Delafon a platform to display the Nouvelle Vague collection that we have seen in 2018 at the Casa Décor Madrid in the room designed by Manuel Espejo and Vox Signature by Virginia Sanchez along with other products.

Arch Moscow 2019 delegates congregated to the ‘Connect to Bauhaus’ space to gain new inspirations and ideas for future projects and to meet with new and existing industry partners.

Source: some photos are courtesy of Arch Moscow 2019.

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