Green building for Thailand’s sustainable future

Thailand embraced the green building concept at the Architect’19, the ASEAN’s largest building technology exposition.

The devastating effects of pollution and the protection of the environment have become increasingly important issues in Thailand. The Thai government has decided to support environmental protection by promoting investments in green products and eco-friendly materials as a long-term objective.

Green building‘ has been designed to be eco-friendly and sustainable through more efficient use of resources. Thanks to today’s environmental movement, green buildings are popping up more and more in Thailand.

The country has fully embraced the ‘living green’ concept as the number of certified green buildings and buildings in the process of ‘green building’ accreditation have risen substantially from 55 to 240 building in 2018. In 2019, this number is expected to increase even more.

Architect’19: Green building for Thailand’s sustainable future

Thai architects took on these challenges and embraced the opportunities at Architect’19, one of the ASEAN’s largest building technology exposition at IMPACT Exhibition Center in Bangkok, Thailand on April 30 to May 5, 2019. The exhibition has been held annually since 1986. This year it was even bigger than the last year, with over 850 companies from 40 countries worldwide who showcased their designs and technologies related to architecture and more than 400,000 visitors.

Architect’19: Green building for Thailand’s sustainable future

The concept in 2019 was ‘Living Green’. The architectural design concepts and innovative building materials presented could revolutionize the industry and encompass local wisdom to tackle environmental problems with sustainable solutions.

Architect’19: Green building for Thailand’s sustainable future

In the showcase, visitors experienced eco-friendly products and technologies in four major sectors: ‘Green Building’ – a green building innovation designed from leading Asian architectures, ‘Three Local Wisdoms’ – local innovations that adapt to the future of sustainable architecture, ‘Go Zero Waste’ – a life without waste, and ‘Innovative Green Products’ – eco-friendly building materials.

Together with the distributor DP Ceramic, the Thai Kohler team exhibited the latest kitchen and bath products with a focus on energy and water saving that are available in the Thai market.

Architect’19: Green building for Thailand’s sustainable future

The expo was a great event to meet manufacturers, distributors, and local suppliers as a community who is passionate about architectural design, construction products, and loves to share new business ideas.

If you are looking for sustainable solutions and opportunities, you might want to start inquiring about ASEAN’s architecture industry and planning your trip to Bangkok next year for Architect’20.

Source: some photos are courtesy of Architect’19 Facebook page.

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