Architects Of Justice design estate in Kruger National Park

Mjejane Kruger National Park by Architects of Justice


The Mpumalanga Institute for Architecture (MPIA) awarded Architects of Justice a commendation for their avant-garde Mjejane Private Game Reserve project. The estate is located in a big 5 game resort within Kruger National Park in South Africa. Mjejane Kruger National Park by Architects of JusticeIt is a five bedroom, five bedroom mansion that was designed in harmony with the existing flora and taking into account the privacy of the neighbors.
Mjejane Kruger National Park by Architects of JusticeThe client sought out the Architects Of Justice for this project because he was looking for an unconventional and innovative design for his vacation and holiday home. Kuba Granicki, one of the founders of Architects Of Justice, described the project as challenging as to the integration and respecting nature. It was necessary to make some adjustments to the original design to avoid creating spaces in the roof where birds could nest or leaving room for ward hogs to take residence under the wooden deck.Mjejane Kruger National park by Architects of JusticeThe most striking part of the design is the exceptional, three dimensional, origami-like steel roof. Initially, it was planned as a concrete structure that would be overgrown with time, but in favor of lower maintenance, steel was used. It is also constructed in a way that no columns are obstructing the view.Mjejane Kruger National Park by Architects of JusticeThe whole building has an almost industrial feel to it with lots of concrete, crushed rock, and steel. At the same time, it fits seamlessly into the environment and appears to be a brave statement and with original, earthy foundations.Mjejane Kruger National park by Architects of JusticeArchitects Of Justice was founded in 2009 by three architects with previous experiences in other practices: Mike Rassmann, Kuba Granicki, and Alessio Lacovig. The trio designs unique and exciting projects with positive effects on the environment.

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