2018 Architecture MasterPrize winners announced

Architecture MasterPrize 2018 46295-preview_low_1968-11_46295_sc_v2com

The newly renamed Architecture MasterPrize was awarded for the third time in 2018. Formerly AAP founded by Farmani Group, the awards are a recognition for quality, innovation, inspiration, and aspiration in the architecture world.  Architecture MasterPrize 2018 46296-preview_low_1968-11_46296_sc_v2comEntries from 68 countries were submitted for the main categories architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture, and 41 subcategories. The sheer number of categories alludes to the size and importance of the Architecture MasterPrize that establishing itself as one of the most comprehensive architecture award programs worldwide.   Architecture MasterPrize 2018 46294-preview_low_1968-11_46294_sc_v2comThe projects that are scrutinized by a strong panel of jury experts comprising of architects, media, academics, and industry leaders have to withstand the set criteria. The jury is looking for a strong integration of technologies, setting a high bar of triggering the imagination of the beholder, and pushing boundaries.  Architecture MasterPrize 2018 46283-preview_low_1968-11_46283_sc_v2comFurthermore, they are interested in the materials used, the built forms, structures, spaces, and the design excellence applied in the projects.  Architecture MasterPrize 2018 46289-preview_low_1968-11_46289_sc_v2comAlthough there was a big number of exceptionally interesting projects, there are only three overall winners of the ‘Design of the Year’ accolade and recipients of the AMP trophies.  Architecture MasterPrize 2018 masterprize

Architecture MasterPrize 2018 46282-preview_low_1968-11_46282_sc_v2comThese winners will be invited to a gala reception and dinner in 2019 to celebrate their success, receive further exposure to the media where their projects are already widely published, and a chance to receive the AMP Book of Architecture first hand in which the projects are included. The event is usually attended by 250 people.  Architecture MasterPrize 2018 46297-preview_low_1968-11_46297_sc_v2comOther outstanding projects received accolades in some of the other categories:

Architecture MasterPrize 2018 46284-preview_low_1968-11_46284_sc_v2comThe Architecture MasterPrize is an annual competition to watch closely to see exceptional talent, the art and science in architecture and design, and the built environments from around the world.   Architecture MasterPrize 2018 46292-preview_low_1968-11_46292_sc_v2com

Soure: photos of Architecture MasterPrize are courtesy of v2com.


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