Art Basel Hong Kong – strengthening the Asian art market

Art Basel Hong Kong Office_approx_21_x_14_cm-ABHK18__Encounters__Edouard_Malingue_Gal_HiRes-1


Art Basel Hong Kong is open for art aficionados until 31 March 2018. The premier art show in Hong Kong since 2013 attracts approximately 80,000 visitors from all over the world during the five exhibitions days.Art Basel Hong Kong Office_approx_21_x_14_cm-ABHK18__Discoveries__Galerie_Emanuel_Lay_HiResThe show at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) presents galleries and artists on 34,782 square meters. The exhibition is complemented with presentations, talks, insights, discoveries, roundtables, panels, and more.Art Basel Hong Kong Print_approx_21_x_14_cm-ABHK18__Misc__Signage__PR__20180327__R5A3_HiResThe 6th edition of Art Basel Hong Kong features 248 galleries from 32 countries. They show art from contemporary artists that are already established and others that are just emerging and getting noticed in the market. More and more exhibitors come from Asia where a strong art scene and buyers’ market has developed over the last few years.Art Basel Hong Kong Office_approx_21_x_14_cm-ABHK18__Discoveries__Project_Native_Info_HiRes-1This main sector of the show gives visitors the opportunity to see and experience highest quality paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, photography, audiovisual work, and experimental projects.Art Basel Hong Kong Vengeance_of_the_Myth_HiResSince 2015, BMW and Art Basel collaborate on BMW Art Journeys. This is a competition for artists that participate in the Discovery section of the show and who are emerging in the field. A jury selects three artists to further develop their ideas and artwork for a journey or a trip. This year’s shortlist comprises Ali Kazim, Zac Langdon-Pole, and Gala Porras-Kim. The winner will be sent on a customized journey of his / her choosing to discover and realize visions and dreams.Art Basel Hong Kong image_HiRes-1The three Art Basel shows in Basel, Miami, and Hong Kong each have their own distinctive character are they are shaped by the participating galleries and artists. In addition, through crowdfunding initiatives, the organization received funding for non-commercial art projects. So far, they have supported 70 art ventures around the world to help develop and strengthen the art and cultural landscapes.Art Basel Hong Kong Office_approx_21_x_14_cm-ABHK18__Discoveries__A_Contemporary__Mor_HiRes

Source: photos are courtesy of Art Basel Hong Kong

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