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Marie Lorenz


arts/industry program marie lorenzMarie Lorenz, a New York-based artist, with a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design, a MFA from Yale and a current professorship at Yale University School of Art in the Painting Department, joint the Arts/Industry program in 2017.
urban waterways marie lorenzWhile Marie expresses herself through sculpture, performance art and print-making, the unifying base for all of what she does is urban waterways. Since 2002, she is operating a water taxi that she designed and built herself.
Marie LorenzThe unique tidal situation in New York City where the tidal energy travels a 35-mile perimeter around Manhattan in both directions, allows for a new perspective of the land and is a journey or pilgrimage in the tidal and river currents.
Marie Lorenz objectsApart from collecting drift wood and other objects, Marie documents and records these experiences with pictures, videos, and artifacts.
Marie Lorenz projectDuring her residency at Arts/Industry, she used found objects that she collected through beach-combing for her sculpture project. In the factory environment, she felt that she was more productive than in her own studio in terms of the volume of objects that she could produce. Marie Lorenz objectsAn interesting insight was also to watch the factory workers see the “junk” she produced travel out of the kiln.

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