Artist Editions Marrakesh™ – dreaming of a far-away land in the desert

Artist Editions Marrakesh collection

Before the art world rediscovered Marrakesh during 1-54 Contemporary Art Fair that was taking place in February 2018 in Morocco, our own artists and craftsmen were inspired by North African art, design, and patterns for our Artist Editions series.Marrakesh artist editions aaa73260The Marrakesh™ Artist Editions collection of under-mount bathroom sinks, vitreous china vanity-tops, and Bol® faucets reflect intricate decorations and screens one often sees in Marrakesh’s old town or in other parts of Morocco’s villages and towns.Marrakesh artist editions aaa73227The shapes original to Islamic architecture and decorations jolted the artists into a dream-like state where the fine lines of blues and browns swirl into flower and circle forms and onto the fine porcelain. Clover and rounded keyhole shapes that stem from the Moorish influence and long-forgotten riches give the pattern a lightness that resembles a mesh of feather-light yarn. Or delicate screens in the shadow from which shy eyes try to catch the day’s actions on the street.Marrakesh artist editions zab00484The details of the ceramic work are showing the expertise of the artists and bring out the vivid and lively colors on the pieces in a unique way. Especially the blue color holds various connotations based on ancient history. It is believed that they will protect the viewer from illness and cosmetic ailments. While they were previously mostly applied to tiles, floors, window and door frames, the new interpretation to see these patterns on bathroom fixtures and fittings give it a twist.Marrakesh artist editions aaa73234Adding these elements in the form of the Marrakesh™ Artist Editions collection to a newly designed or renovated bathrooms give it a distinct and strong character. It feels like you are walking into your own personal hammam or very personal bathing landscape. Marrakesh artist editions zab86031_rgbThe sink, vanity top, and faucet will capture the attention of the guests and owners and transport them into a reverie in a far-away land.

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