Artist-in-residence: Aldo Chaparro in San Jose del Cabo

Aldo Chapparo painting in residence


Aldo Chaparro, artist-in-residence @ El Ganzo Hotel, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

“My best creative moments are always full of joy”

Aldo Chapparo art piece

Luzma Moctezuma, the curator of El Ganzo, has invited many different artists to spend time working there, including Peruvian artist Aldo Chaparro, whose work focuses on sculpture and architecture and was resident at the hotel during April.Hotel El Ganzo“I’m working on four pieces here, two of them canvases of raw linen based on my physical actions and the other two based on the cycle of the sun. One of these consists of objects I found on the beach. As I picked them up I tried to remember how sunlight shone on them in order to cover that part of the surface with gold leaf.Aldo ChapparoThe last piece took me more time. I spent several days watching the shapes that the sunlight made on the floors and walls of the terrace. I covered the areas with gold leaf in an effort to push the power of the sunlight in a specific time frame. The true piece happens only once a day.Hotel El Ganzo

My studio work has to do with the different commitments I have, like exhibitions, commissions, deadlines, and production. Here in the hotel, everything is different: It’s all about experimentation, improvisation, and creation. Aldo ChapparoThe place where I work is the largest suite of the hotel with a large terrace that overlooks the sea and I have my family by my side. My best creative moments are always full of joy; when I am happy problems seem to vanish. The best part of working in a place like this is that you can work organically, there’s no routine. Every day has been a different experience.”Aldo Chapparo at El Ganzo

Source: some photos are courtesy of El Ganzo Hotel and FB Aldo Chapparo

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