Artist-in-residence: Fette Sans in Berlin, Germany

Fette Sans


Fette Sans, Artist-in-residence @ Zoo Hotel, Berlin, Germany 

Fette SansBerlin artist Fette Sans is nearing the resolution of a five-month, 153-night performance art piece that ends on 1 August 2017. She has been residing in a hotel room, producing work, postcards and texts informed by the space itself, occasionally leaving her door open for visitors to engage with an installation and performance.Fette Sans

The following is her note to us on her first night:Zoo Hotel Berlin Leopard PassageOn March 1, 2017, at 1:22 PM, [redacted] wrote:
Today, I moved to Berlin

The next day I receive another text from her, “I have a very sentimental relation to machines,” she has also pasted a shot of herself followed by #meanwhile #hotelzooberlin #kudamm and #digitalintimediacyFette SansI send him this old pic of me taken with Photo Booth I had spent an endless amount of time re-shooting on my first night in the hotel. When I can’t sleep, I point my phone to the screen of my laptop for a session of selfie inception; I was thinking then, that my ideal lover would be someone who after sending me a text would throw their phone out the window.

Fette SansAlthough I am working, I type, “Is it conscious choice to derail the course of this conference call or is the timing just coincidence? #whendoicomeover?”
There are a variety of ways to communicate with mates in courtships, steady glow (FaceTime street walking), flashing (Late night sexting), and the use of chemical signals away from photic zones (Selfies at the club). “RADICALIZE CONTEMPLATION”, she sends me back some hours later.Fette SansLike a triumphant Charlotte Perriand, she stands shirtless overlooking the background of my desktop. She writes that she can’t find her body anymore because her body is in my thoughts because her body is on my screen. Thus begins the 24h feed of her screen-patterned skin reflecting on my fingers, its glow the glow of the cold blue light.Fette Sans Night Shift: Off. She likes to send me texts at all hours of the night. I watch her in the room laying on the bed of the thousand pillows, I watch her walking the carpeted hallways, I watch her in the bathroom peeing, I watch her at her desk typing on her laptop; for all these places I receive a photo of her.Fette Sans

Fette Sans, If I can’t sleep at night is it because I am awake in someone else’s room?, a performance inside Hotel Zoo Berlin, 1 March – 1 August 2017

Source: some pictures are courtesy of Zoo Hotel website.


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