Arturo Alvarez – Light elevated to an art piece

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Arturo Alvarez’s designs could easily pass for art pieces on any given day. To elevate light to real art pieces is taking the brand’s designs up a notch.

Leria series, a delicate design of closely-knit mesh wire in the form of faces is the latest limited addition to the avant-garde and contemporary designs portfolio of the European brand. The hand-crafted creation of only a few pieces of the delicate faces are suspended from the ceiling turn with the wind or the temperature change in the room.

The sculpture-like lamps cast beautiful to eerie shadows on the walls surrounding them. Although they are providing illumination, they can hardly be called lamps. The designs are art elements in a room that will move people who observe it and start conversations. Or hush them.

The durable, sustainable materials thoroughly researched by Arturo Alvarez used in the Leria series elicit an emotional response and speak to the core of the viewer. The vision is a scenographic setting in one’s living room that will draw the attention of every person who walks in.

Light has been around for centuries. While it previously was a means to simply illuminate a space, it has transformed into an elegant vision of modern design. Previously, it was added in the background, now it is front and center. The light function almost comes as an afterthought and the design, structure, and form, are moved in the foreground.

Arturo Alvarez Photo 9-4-2562 BE 15 23 54

Arturo Alvarez manually produces the lights in Spain but distributes them worldwide to hospitality, commercial, and retail projects that need more than light. The functionality of the illumination becomes an emotional experience. It was only fitting that the brand introduced this limited edition at the Salone del Mobile 2019.    

Read more about design inspirations: Fuorisalone, Tom Dixon’s brand-new restaurant, our installation at Palazzo del Senato.

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