Awaken showerheads and hand showers – nature and technology

Awaken shower head


Inspired by nature, the interplay between technology and the human imagination, Awaken showerheads and hand showers are perfectly balanced products that guarantee a one-of-a-kind showering experience.Awaken shower head poppy flower inspirationThe two design options: a softer organic design and a geometric design remind users of the gentle awakening of flower petals in the morning dew. Awaken shower woman in the showerThe heightened sense of design that reflect patterns and symmetries of nature brings out the feeling of aliveness.Awaken shower crocus flower inspirationThe multifunction spray engine with three sprays: wide coverage, intense drenching, and targeted spray simulates moods and the process of moving from a state of sleep to wakefulness.Awaken shower wide spray

Awaken shower intense drenching

Awaken shower targeted sprayBeyond design, the functionality of the showerheads and hand showers were at the core of Gregory de Swarte’s creation. The Global Faucets Design Studio manager focused on sustainable water consumption of two gallons per minute, lightweight to enhance the experience, and a comfortable grip. Awaken shower water consumptionThe three sprays allow for optimal usage of washing one’s hair, indulging in a full spray face shower, and punctuated massaging of sore muscles.Awaken shower hair washingThe showerheads and hand showers are an integral part of a family of components including slide bar, hand shower cradle, shower hose, and installation flexibility. Awaken shower componentsAwaken in polished chromes or brushed nickel adheres to LEED and WaterSense criteria.

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