Awakening – Asian Paints Color of the Year 2019

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The recent India Design 2019 not only revealed the latest in contemporary interior design from India but was the occasion to celebrate – as every year – the 2019 Asian Paints Color of the Year. This year’s color is Awakening.

The hue is a shade of plum that is dynamic and dignified. It has hints of purple and brown in it and is its own outright color that is confident and courageous.  

Awakening : The colour of the new nobility. It comes from thought & conscious action. And the colour that represents this new creed is a colour of courage and a colour of change. It is the colour of now.A dynamic shade of plum, it infuses the dignity and power of purple with the humility of an earthy brown.

Posted by Asian Paints on Saturday, 16 February 2019

The color team at Asian Paints has looked into trends and tendencies for the past and coming year and comes up with extensive research for the color of the year and overall color trends.

Awakening, the somewhat purple-brown color reminds of burnt earth and overripe red grapes. It is warm, pulsating with life, and active. It is a state of being conscious. At the same time, it brings up memories of kings’ and queens’ elegant and elaborate clothes. Yes, Awakening feels like nobility.

In the current climate, Awakening 8709 represents the color of speaking up, acting, being active and questioning. It is a lively color that demands answers and attention.

Awakening got quite a bit of that attention during the unveiling ceremony at the India Design trade show. The paint company Asian Paints collaborated with the tattoo artist Moranngam Khaling, better known as Mo Naga, for a brand-new wallpaper design.

The wallpaper of the year ‘Mithun’ which is Mo Naga’s first commercial design collaboration, is a stylized pattern inspired by wooden monoliths. They are often adorned with Mithun heads that are sacred, sacrificial animals in the North Eastern hills of India. The design represents honor and social prestige.

The Asian Paints color of the year Awakening also reminds of the new Shadows Collection that was introduced at KBIS 2019. It is a powerful color variety that can be applied to cast iron products. The latest colors are Lavender Grey, Indigo Blue, and Black Plum. It wouldn’t surprise us if Awakening was added soon.

Source: some photos of Awakening are courtesy of Asian Paints website and FB.

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