Bathroom trend 2019 – Color with a capital C

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According to the trend platform Pop Up My Bathroom at ISH 2019, the leading European sanitary ware trade show that was held in March 2019, we have reached the end of color abstinence. The big bathroom trend for 2019 is the revival of colors.

Bathroom trend 2019
Vereinigung Deutsche Sanitärwirtschaft e.V. (VDS) | PopUp your Bathroom ISH 2019, Frankfurt am Main

The bold colors of the 60s and 70s in the bathroom space were almost forgotten as they made room for minimalist, monochromatic,  mostly white bathrooms that represented an epitome of elegance. Not surprisingly, customers have chosen a neutral, subdued background for the room that remains the most complicated to design and outfit in the house. Considering that a remodel will only occur every 15 to 20 years, the color concept—and everything else—needs to be carefully and thoughtfully selected.

The bathroom design doesn’t depend on color alone. Materials, finishes, fittings, furniture, accessories, architectural styles and lighting play a strong role, but nothing brings a bathroom to life better than a splash of color.

Bathroom trend 2019

According to Elle Décor, KBIS and  Dulux color experts, the strongest bathroom trend in 2019 is color. “The traditional, functional bathroom space is transforming into a lifestyle space,” said Jens J. Wischmann, general manager of VDS (German Sanitary Industry Association), during the Bathroom Trend Forum in Frankfurt, Germany, earlier this year. Pairing this transformation with the global trend of personalization opens the door to make individual, bold statements for the room in the house that is probably used the most (right after the kitchen).

Customers wants and needs for new approaches are gladly heard by the interior design community. They relish in revamping the space to turn it into a home spa in the clients’ own four walls. The enthusiasm reflects Wischmann’s statement: “The industry is hungry for lifestyle and color. And the market definitely has an appetite for both.”

Bathroom trend 2019

We already had an inkling that the European industry would follow the international bathroom trend in 2019. In February at KBIS in Las Vegas, we launched the KOHLER® Shadows color collection inspired by natural environments. Based on customer research resulting in the desire for more color, a number of cast iron fixtures are now available in new tints. This tendency follows the continued successful campaign of The Bold Look of KOHLER® from the 1970s with an overabundance of colors but in a more subdued way. Lavender Grey, Indigo Blue and Black Plum offer a variety of special atmospheres in the pampering space at home.

The contemporary interior design trends of accentuating and differentiating reaches beyond the Western world. Meticulous research in India revealed that customers on the subcontinent are just as hungry for new characteristics in their bathrooms to express their individuality and style.

Bathroom trend 2019

Our team developed an innovative, additional interior design element with the India Palette, a range of colors inspired by the pulsing, vibrant Indian landscape and culture fused with global aesthetics.  Three colors, Peacock, Truffle and Thunder Grey, reflect the design sensibilities of this complex, fascinating country and provide unique accents for color concepts and harmonies. Whether Peacock, a shade of teal and the hue of the iconic bird; Truffle, the color of the Thar Desert; or Thunder Grey, reminding us of the Indian monsoon rains; the color chords are a unique statement to a space.

Frank A. Reinhardt, the Pop Up My Bathroom initiative’s color expert, confirmed that while the predominately white, radiant bathrooms with their minimalist, Bauhaus-style appearances are still high on the trend ladder, the bathroom trend for 2019 in the form and shape of color has trendsetters talking.

Bathroom trend 2019

The number one trend in the trend book Pop Up My Bathroom is gray. It’s not surprising that the composite color of the “in-between” world speaks to modern customers. Benjamin Moore’s color of the year Metropolitan, also a popular hue of gray, is a quiet force in any room setting.  The combination of grays in a tone-on-tone design or using it as background for the more popping colors, gray remains a fashion color with a long shelf-life.  

Can we talk about color and not mention black? Hardly. Crayola, a specialist for artists supplies, states that scientists believe that black isn’t a color. This could be quite a debate in the interior design world, but let’s just assume it is one—a popular one, in fact. The sophisticated, up-market look of black rooms is undeniable. They speak of modern architecture and style. Bathrooms in tone-on-tone, maybe even matte and glossy black, look elegant and tasteful.

Bathroom trend 2019

The recently launched Manchester United Collection in glossy and matte with hints of red perfectly illustrates this trend.

Whatever the preference in color is this year, the evolution of bathrooms moving into the lifestyle space allows interior designers to embrace it more in their designs. The high-investment, technical innovations and smart bathrooms are no hindrance to add modern, timeless color design language to the mix. Using white, gray, black or the new hues as background or accentuation, for example on finishes or fixtures, color can add a zen-like, relaxing and calm quality to the bathroom atmosphere.

The modern take on color usage in sanitary rooms propel these spaces from their understated, utilitarian position to the centerpiece in any house or apartment.     

Source: some photos are courtesy of v2com.

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