Bathroom Trends 2018

Bathroom Trends 2018


Smaller, compact bathrooms have been trending for a while and it continues. To make the most of the space, to design it most functionally and at the same time to create a space where we want to spend time, a few tips and tricks and help.Bathroom Trends 2018 small spaceThe big change is to replace the bathtub with a shower. The big shower with rimless glass doors creates a spatial dimension that gives more depth to the bathroom and contributes to the minimalist look. Bathroom Trends 2018 showerheadAdding floor-to-ceiling tiles, although a bit more expensive on the budget side than the customary version of tiling only half way up the wall, but a definite space enlarger optically.Bathroom Trends 2018 floor to ceiling tilesWorking with more glass elements for example for shelves enhances the open look.
Bathroom Trends 2018 glass shower doorIn terms of furniture, the vanities of 2018 sport a lighter more furniture-like look, either with delicate legs or floating (wall-hung). Bathroom Trends 2018 delicate vanity legsFor inspiration, the ModernLife suite is an excellent interpretation of this tendency.Bathroom Trends 2018 ModernLifeThe optical changes give the room a more spacious look and feel, but the room has not gotten bigger. The definite game-changer is smart storage. Drawers and pull-out shelves that contain products and appliances for everyday use, but that can be organized easily and quickly hidden from view. Bathroom Trends 2018 storage spaceThis is an immediate different dimension for the sleek bathroom look.Bathroom Trends 2018 storage space

Bathroom Trends 2018 storage spaceThe 2018 trendy bathroom is not all minimalist, unicolor, and glass, though.
Adding warm touches with finishes such as the PVD finishes accentuate and give it a personal feeling. Bathroom Trends 2018 faucet finishes

Bathroom Trends 2018 PVD finishesOn the practical side, a back-lit mirror or smart mirror increases the users’ efficiencies while grooming. The smart appliance integrates calendars, email, and other things to give everyone a head-start into the new day.Bathroom Trend 2018 smart mirrorThe bathroom although a rather small room in the living space continues to gain importance reflecting the growing wellness trends, the emphasis on grooming, but also the added convenience of technology.Bathroom Trends 2018 technologyJust expect to spend more time there.Bathroom Trends 2018 beautiful bathroom spaceSource: inspired by Houzz.

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