BATIMAT 2018 Russia – creative bathroom fittings displays

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The leading exhibition for construction and interiors BATIMAT 2018 Russia attracted more than 100,000 visitors to the Crocus Expo IEC in Moscow, Russia, during the show days of 3 to 6 April 2018.

Over 1,000 companies from the fields of architecture, design, construction, interior finishing, and the manufacturing industries were represented and gobbled up the latest trends and innovations. BATIMAT _8180131352151972083_n BATIMAT logoVisitors came from all over Russia and 56 other countries including Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, USA, etc. to learn about all areas related to construction and interiors from metal to windows to ceramic tiles, flooring, interior fabric, wall coverings, paints, finishing materials, and of course bathrooms. BATIMAT _6975532045577486336_n displayA special section of the trade exhibition was dedicated to bathroom interiors, fittings, sanitary ware, ceramics, installation systems, shower and steam cabins, whirlpools, saunas, heating unit, furniture, and accessories. The products and services displayed ranged from mid-pricing to luxury. BATIMAT kompleksnye_resheniya_teplickaya_08Bathroom fixtures were beautifully integrated into cleverly designed spaces. The designers who worked on these included well-known names such as Boris Uborevich-Borovsky, Maria Romanova, Diana Balashova, Nadezhda Lashku, Anna Muravina, Elena Teplitskaya, Irina Chun, Diana Loginoff, and a team from Details Design School. BATIMAT _2565995620783357952_n displayDuring the four days, 40 workshops with over 100 speakers took place as well as a number of competitions. Apart from the BATIMAT Inside, an architectural design project of interior space contest, Innovation 2018, a space with displays of innovative products and technologies, WordSkills Russia was really what drew attendees’ attention. BATIMAT _4286285453402832896_n WordSkill Russia The objective of the competition that is supported by the Russian government is to render operating and manufacturing jobs more attractive for young people. During the trade show, the budding workforce demonstrated their skill in bricklaying, tile laying, engineering sanitary ware installation, and industrial design. BATIMAT _8526288330634035200_n WordSkillWe were quite pleased with our small display in Elena Teplitskaya’s space and the creative interpretation of her color revolution. Of course, the show was otherwise also immensely inspiring for all kinds of designs – just follow along to see some impressions.BATIMAT JCOQ8974 JD display

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BATIMAT DLNP7636 JD display

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Have you seen the Moscow showroom?

Sources: some photos are courtesy of BATIMAT.

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