Beitou – simple beauty and emotions for daily escapes


exquisite-collection-mp4_snapshot_00-30_2016-10-11_10-18-29Water defines our well-being. In its natural environment, it is deeply resonant, rejuvenating and relaxing to observe. Beitou faucets capture this exploration of simple beauty and strong emotional connection and imitate the same feeling in the bathroom.

%e7%a7%91%e5%8b%922-iphonepod-mp4_snapshot_00-40_2016-10-11_11-51-0190% of the development of these faucets was focused on the spout with the result that water pours out perfectly and reflects beautifully; everything else almost fades in the background.

Beitou celebrates water by allowing it to flow gently and freely without compromising the bathing functionality.


Mark Bickerstaff explains more about the development and care that went into the design of these faucets.


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