Best of Year Awards 2018 winners

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For the 13th time, the Best of Year Awards (BoY) was held on 30 November 2018 in New York City. The premier event for designers, architects, and manufacturers showcases and hands out industry recognitions for projects and products. More than 1,000 guests attended the event.   Best of Year 2018 20171026_javits_lights_0029Cindy Allen, editor in chief of Interior Design Magazine and recent moderator and host of the KOHLER Design Affair, led through the evening with her publisher Carol Cisco.   Best of Year 2018 thumbs_Interior-Design-Best-of-Year-2018-_H6A9932.jpg.770x0_q95Over 2,000 entries were submitted for this year’s awards that awarded projects and products for the significant pieces of work they are and to honor the people who are behind them all. 586 outstanding finalists were selected to compete in the final vote in 133 categories.   Best of Year 2018 thumbs_Interior-Design-Best-of-Year-2018-ID-BOY-2-30.jpg.770x0_q95During the Best of Year ceremony that was for the first time held at the Jacob Javits Center’s River Pavilion, all of the winners and honorees were called out and trophies were ceremoniously handed over to recipients.   Best of Year 2018 20171026_javits_lights_0006Although chances to win one of the prestigious awards seemed pretty slim considering the odds, it was with huge pride and pleasure that three products from our teams were recognized.   Best of Year 2018 zac60602_rgb_SThe Ombre vibrant PVD Faucet Finish won in the Kitchen Fixtures & Fittings category while the already honored Verdera™ Voice Lighted Mirror with Amazon Alexa and the Artist Editions Kensho sink were recognized in the Bath Cabinetry respectively Bath Fixtures categories and received accolades as Honorees.  Best of Year 2018 zac11208_rgb-SNo better place than New York City to shine the light on the Ombre Vibrant PVD Faucet Finish. The innovative technique of melding two metal finishes together was inspired by the fashion industry and creates an unusual, striking appearance ranging from light to dark.   Best of Year 2018 aac13163Continuing the theme of light, the Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror had received an honorable mention at this year’s CES and continues to inspire customers around the world with optimal, bright, and even shadowless bathroom lighting that is close to natural light.   Best of Year 2018 zac39964_rgb-SBut some products don’t need extra light to stand out. The Artist Editions Kensho sink crafted from Biancone Italian marble or Grey Foussana Tunisian limestone is the marriage of strength and beauty. The etched Eastern motifs inspired by Japanese patterns and the Western artistic techniques make this sink a true masterpiece for any contemporary bathroom design.   Best of Year 2018 zac46261_rgbThe splendid Best of Year awards was a party that lasted well into the night with architects, designers, and industry participants celebrating their success, the significant works that were accomplished over the last 12 months,  and the industry in general.

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Source: some photos of Best of Year are courtesy of Interior Design Magazine, Javits Convention Center. Photographs are by Erik Bardin EBAR. PHOTO, TimeFrozen Photography.

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