Build Eco Expo BEX Asia follows Smart City trends

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At the 11th edition of the Build Eco Expo – BEX Asia trade show in Singapore at the beginning of September, we saw our KOHLER Design Forum topic of ‘all things connected’ confirmed. The theme of connected and smart cities is in everyone’s mouths and thoughts these days.  BEX Asia iot-3337536_640BEX Asia, Southeast Asia’s leading trade exhibition for the green building and construction industry, was collocated with MCE – mostra convegno expo comfort – Asia, a regional HVAC-R, water and energy exhibition and sister event of Europe’s longest-running trade exhibition for environmentally friendly comfort technology, and the Green Building Conference (IGBC). The three events saw more than 12,000 visitors from the built industry who were also in town for the Singapore Green Building Week.  BEX Asia singapore-1681857_640The Marina Sands Convention Centre was the focal point for international suppliers, regional buyers, and specifiers, and people interested in the green building environment to share knowledge, attend seminars, meet up with friends and partners, and strike up new business deals.  BEX Asia smart-home-2005993_640Attendees gained inspiration and information in smart building and automation and shared green building strategies and technologies with thought leaders from all corners of the world.  BEX Asia smart-home-2006026_640The Smart cities as we have seen during the KOHLER Design Forum presentation by professor Dr. Gerhard Schmitt move into the focus of Southeast Asia’s city planning and construction. Exhibitors demonstrated the latest technologies, energy management systems, automatic controls, Internet of Things applications, smart grids, and security systems.  BEX Asia singapore-690021_640The showcase seminar of the Future Home ‘City of ___’ centered on shaping the future of cities. The speakers talked about how cities transform and are being influenced by technology and connectivity.  BEX Asia singapore-2336658_640The long-term goal is to educate people towards a low-carbon, inclusive, and environmentally-resilient future. Innovations from China, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Taiwan were present at the trade shows. MCE showcased solutions in cooling, water, renewable energy, and heating.  BEX Asia singapore-246836_640

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