Tel Aviv’s Black Core House

Tel Aviv Black Core House 37698-preview_low_2949-1_37698_sc_v2com


Axelrod might ring a bell due to the famous TV series ‘Billions’ but in relation to the Black Core House, it has nothing to do with the cunning hedge-fund manager and his immense mansion in the South Hamptons. tel-aviv-Black Core House 3621085_640Axelrod Architects is an architectural firm with offices in Tel Aviv, Israel, and San Francisco, USA. The founder Irit Axelrod shares the name with the TV billionaire and has quite a different mission.  Tel Aviv Black Core House 37691-preview_low_2949-1_37691_sc_v2comHer and the team’s interest lay in designing and constructing buildings in a modernist style with strong influences from Bauhaus and the International architecture style.  Tel Aviv Black Core House 37692-preview_low_2949-1_37692_sc_v2comA recent commission to remodel a 1980s single-family residential house in an upscale neighborhood in Tel Aviv reflects just that and more. The modernist style in the building envelope and the interior design is a play and a tension between black and white, glossy and matte, and an integration of the outside on the inside and vice versa.  Tel Aviv Black Core House 37699-preview_low_2949-1_37699_sc_v2comStarting from a black core in the center of the building where the architects housed an elevator connecting the living and sleeping spaces of the 510-square-meter residence, the design is through and through in Axelrod’s signature style of clean simple forms, void of extraneous elements, and at the same time beautifully connected.  Tel Aviv Black Core House 37702-preview_low_2949-1_37702_sc_v2comThe house owner was seeking serenity and Axelrod’s ‘Black Core’ provides a well-balanced solution. The lifestyle design of sleek, reflecting surfaces, floor-to-ceiling windows, and sliding doors on the ground floor and the vast balconies on the upper floor allow the lush landscape around the house to be part of the interior. This example of ‘living in nature’ creates a quiet and powerful atmosphere.  Tel Aviv Black Core House 37703-preview_low_2949-1_37703_sc_v2comAxelrod’s early influences come from her upbringing in Tel Aviv. The city has numerous Bauhaus-style and international architecture style buildings that represent a modernist style. She incorporated this style tendencies into her projects that took off like a whirlwind right after she was completed her first commission out of university in 1993 for the Ben Gurion Heritage Institute building in the south of the country. Tel Aviv Black Core House 37704-preview_low_2949-1_37704_sc_v2comHer unwavering modernist style comprising often visual corridors and always an overall connectivity in the design has awarded her international acclaim in the residential, institutional, and commercial design space.  Tel Aviv Black Core House 37697-preview_low_2949-1_37697_sc_v2com


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Source: photos of the Black Core House are courtesy of v2com. Photo credits: Amit Geron

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