Bold. Art. Chengdu: poetry, multiculturalism, and Giant Pandas

Chengdu AE9A8076

The Bold. Art. exhibition traveled to Chengdu, China, in August. Chengdu, a 14-million city, is the capital of Sichuan province in Western China. It has been named one of the most livable megacities that is at the same time laid back and quite busy with one of the 30 busiest airports in the world.  chengdu -3461798_640Our 13 art pieces from young and emerging artists from Asia-Pacific and the Middle East were displayed at Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li between 23 and 26 August 2018.   Chengdu AE9A8139The retail-led mixed-use development focusing on shopping and leisure activities attracted a big crowd. But the Bold. Art. exhibition was an even greater focal point in late August.  Chengdu AE9A8154On 23 August our team collaborated with AD Magazine on a design forum where designers and the special guest Ling Cong Ran from Taiwan who had also joined the Xiamen exhibition talked about the topic of ‘living in poetry’.   Chengdu AE9A8051The speakers presented their thoughts and ideas about the possibilities of a future poetic life to an audience of architects, designers, and creatives types.  Chengdu AE9A8556The seminar was very much in tune with the art exhibition that, although addressing the challenges and opportunities of multiculturalism, also strikes a chord in terms of a poetic approach to visual arts. Sculpture and poetry are uniquely connected in their execution and search for harmony.  Chengdu AE9A8149The atmosphere at Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li further underlined the theme as the complex beautifully marries tradition, heritage, and modern life.  Chengdu Exterior_2_1024x682Chengdu is one of the Chinese cities that could maintain its name throughout the centuries. It benefits from a pleasant environment outside of the city limits that is often called the country of heaven. The city is also known – or maybe mostly known – for its Giant Pandas.  Chengdu giant-panda-1878573_640Some of the endangered species live in a research center in the metropolitan area. It is the only one in the world that is located within city limits. This center sees more than 100,000 visitors per year who want to learn more about the Giant Pandas and ways that they can be protected.  Chengdu AE9A8086The Bold. Art. exhibition doesn’t have a direct impact on the protection of these animals, but the idea of multiculturalism and living together peacefully extends beyond humans.   Chengdu AE9A8091Raising the awareness that we are different and that we are in certain ways similar is a great reminder to try and live our lives harmoniously and on healthy terms with all that is around us.   Chengdu AE9A8414


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