Bold. Art. Exhibition in Foshan, China


Our traveling exhibition of the 13 young, emerging artists from Asian Pacific and the Middle East will open in Foshan, Guangdong Province, China, on the Western side of the Pearl River Delta, on March 25. The exhibition is free and open to the public until April 2.

The art pieces are displayed in the Ling Nan Zhan Nova, a luxury shopping mall in Foshan.

The city is famed for its Cantonese Chinese opera, kung fu, lion dancing, and dragon boat racing. In earlier times, actually since the Ming dynasty until the Cultural Revolution, Foshan was the place for ceramic production. Today, it is more known for high tech, the LEED-certified Kohler factory and the toilet bowl waterfall. During the opening ceremony of the Bold. Art. exhibition, C. R. Lin, Director of Crox International and an all-round designer for urban landscape planning, architecture, interior design, and art exhibitions from Taiwan, will speak about “Oriental art and Modern Design”.

Foshan can be reached by train from Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

Source: photos – Daniel McDermott (via flickr)

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