Bold. Art. Nantong, China – multicultural art pearls

Bold. Art. banner in Nantong China


The Bold. Art. exhibition traveled to Nantong, the ‘Pearl of the River and the Sea’ city on the north bank of the Yangtze River, in October 2017.Bold. Art. exhibition Nantong Harmony China
On 20 October 2017, our team and the Taiwanese designer Du Bo Jun welcomed about 200 local designers and architects to the exhibition opening at Nantong Harmony City. The modern mixed-use complex attracted a sizeable crowd to admire our unique art pieces on ‘Multiculturalism’.Bold. Art. exhibition Nantong Harmony China
Nantong is one of 14 deepwater port cities that benefited when the country first opened for foreign investment. The city of around eight million inhabitants north of Shanghai and Suzhou is one of the fasted growing economies at the coast in China. The bustling trade is headed by distinctive textiles and salt.Bold. Art. exhibition Nantong China
Apart from the thirteen outstanding art pieces by the young and coming artists that participated in the Bold. Art. program, the city offers a beautiful water garden Shuihuiyuang to discover.Bold. Art. exhibition Nantong China

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