Bold. Art. goes to ‘Made in China’ city of Guangzhou

Bold. Art. Guangzhou 2Z8A5590 Korean art piece


It can’t get more Chinese than Guangzhou, the third largest city in China after Beijing and Shanghai. The latest Bold. Art. exhibition attracted local and foreign designers and art lovers to the Onelink Walk shopping center from 29 April to 3 May 2018. Bold. Art. Guangzhou 2Z8A5569 entrance of exhibitionThe 12-million inhabitants city in Southern China that is a mere 120 kilometers north north-west of Hong Kong is the center of many manufacturing centers for Chinese products destined for export. Bold. Art. Guangzhou visitorsThe Bold. Art. exhibition consists of 13 pieces of customized art created by 13 young, emerging artists from Asia-Pacific and the Middle East who present their work in the traveling exhibition. The art program attracts local and international designers, architects, and people who have an interest in unique art. Bold. Art. Guangzhou 2Z8A5910 exhibition displayWith a display in the center of the Onelink Walk shopping center’s ground floor, the show defeated the reputation of the city that people only visit there for ‘eating and shopping’. They also come to see some great art. Bold. Art. Guangzhou displaysCombined with the Design Forum that we held in the afternoon of 3 May, the art exhibition attracted a good crowd and a lot of interest from people who might not have gone to a gallery or museum to see it.  The easily accessible location at the mall spurred the curiosity of viewers and browsers. Bold. Art. Guangzhou 2Z8A5742 Design ForumThe main speaker at the Design Forum was the designer Xie Ying Kai from Hong Kong who took the invited guests on a journey of design and art. It is Kohler’s commitment to invest in the arts and to support young artists. Bold. Art. Guangzhou entranceThe event comprising both a forum and presentation by an industry peer and a public art exhibition demonstrated not only the commitment but proof that design and art go hand-in-hand and work successfully together. Bold. Art. Guangzhou guangzhou-197739_640 Opera HouseGuangzhou is believed to have been the final destination of the Silk Road route. It was a fitting location for this latest social event. The exhibition is going to travel to more mega-cities in China over the next few months. As soon as more dates are available, we will share them on the blog.Bold. Art. Guangzhou guangzhou-2200907_640

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