Bold. Art. exhibition shone in heavenly Hangzhou

Bold. Art. Hangzhou 150A4819

The 13 art pieces of the Bold. Art. artists from Asia-Pacific and the Middle East traveled to a new and astonishing location for their next stop. Bold. Art. Hangzhou hangzhou-xihu-tiandi-2099755_640Hangzhou is like an artful onion to unravel. Marco Polo described this city in East China, in the Hangzhou Bay separating Shanghai and Ningbo, as one of the finest and noblest in the world and even went so far to call it ‘city of heaven’.  Bold. Art. Hangzhou 150A4870On the one hand, the natural beauty and the well-preserved historic and cultural heritage that resulted in the accolade of UNESCO World Heritage is certainly a tourist magnet. On the other, the emergence as an e-commerce and technology hub is another attraction, especially when a tour to Alibaba’s headquarters can be thrown into the deal.  Bold. Art. Hangzhou hangzhou-2345132_640Hangzhou offers even more. The Sino-Ocean Land Grand Canal Place where we chose to exhibit the unique art pieces that depict the interpretation of multiculturalism from different cultural viewpoints is an environmentally friendly mixed-use property. It offers art and fashion a home.  Bold. Art. Hangzhou 150A5004The atmosphere and the environment are conducive to creative thinking and the dynamic plaza and interactive media placed all around are stimulating an active and healthy lifestyle.  Bold. Art. Hangzhou 150A5236The Bold. Art. exhibition from 5 to 9 September 2018 set-up within this harmonic environment attracted more than 150 local designers and architects for the opening ceremony and Mr. Xie Tian’s China Academy of Art presentations about art and design.  Bold. Art. Hangzhou 14803978974585rfuv8The concept of bringing art and design closer together through a program like Bold. Art., installations at the Grand Canal Place, and the historic, minutely restored old buildings in the city, is engaging for the creative community.  Bold. Art. further reduces the distance between the two as the young, emerging artists create bespoke art pieces from materials that are used in the Kohler factories.   Bold. Art. Hangzhou 150A4971Hangzhou has also a more modern side to it, have a look at the stunning Park Hyatt Hangzhou, the tallest building in this fascinating city.  Bold. Art. Hangzhou 150A4898

Source: some photos are courtesy of Sino-Ocean Land Grand Canal Place Hangzhou


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