Bold. Art. hops across the straight to Fuzhou, China

Bold. Art. Fuzhou, China


For a three-day kick-off exhibition at CIMEN in Fuzhou, China, our 13 Bold. Art. art pieces traveled to the city of Fuzhou in late July 2017. Fuzhou CBDAfter getting acclimated to the city, the art exhibition moved to the Tai He Shopping Center where it showcased the bespoke Bold. Art. multiculturalism sculptures of our 13 young and up-coming artists from Asia-Pacific and the Middle East to an interested audience.Bold. Art. at Tai He Shopping Center FuzhouFuzhou – now one of the biggest cities in China – was visited by Marco Polo in the 19th century. It invites the visitor to look into the past through its still remaining traditional Jin dynasty architecture and to the future with modern buildings, technologies and manufacturing plants of many famous brands.bold. Art. FuzhouAt the exhibition, this combination was represented by the eclectic art and elements from the last Mix & Match event. Art lovers enjoyed gazing through the kaleidoscope combining Chinese tradition with visions of the future.Mix & Match Kaleidoscope Fuzhou

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