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Bold. Art. Taipei

Bold. Art. TaipeiThe traveling exhibition of our 13 artists from Asia Pacific and the Middle East in Taipei at our future Kohler Experience Center was a great success. Bold. Art. TaipeiWith more than 200 people in attendance including a rather large media turn-out. The opening day was broadcast across different TV and social media channels.Bold. Art. Taipei

Bold. Art. TaipeiThe Taiwanese artist Wu Yu Pei was present during the event and gave a lively interview with Mickey Huang, a popular TV presenter in Taiwan. Bold. Art. TaipeiHuang lead through the exhibition and pointed out his favorite piece excluding the piece he worked on himself – a Mica basin turned street sign.Bold. Art. TaipeiHuang also drew the audience’s attention to the beautiful display of the Artist Editions at the art show.Bold. Art. Taiwan Artist Editions

Bold. Art. Taiwan Artist EditionsFinally the official part of the event wrapped up in a Q&A from the media. After that they guests were left to their own device admiring the excellent art pieces in the exhibition, enjoying the food, mingling with the other guests, media and our associates.Bold. Art. Taipei

bold. Art. Taipei

Bold. Art. Taiwan

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