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The 12 Bold. Art. exhibition art pieces from Asia-Pacific and the Middle East traveled to Kunming, China, in June. At the Wanda Mall in Kunming, the traveling exhibition breathed the light, fresh air at the 2,000-meters-above-sea-level city that is also called the ‘City of Eternal Spring’.  Bold. Art. Kunming china-970426_640The 100th mall of the Wanda Group, the world’s biggest commercial developer, with its mixed-use purpose was the ideal location for the new art exhibition. Apart from a five-star hotel, it is a commercial center, office building, and home of apartments.  Bold. Art. Kunming 5The two supertall skyscraper towers ‘Kunming Twin Towers’ that were inaugurated at the end of 2016 mark a significant landmark in Kunming. The outdoor musical fountain attracts locals and tourists alike.  Bold. Art. Kunming 154A1534At the opening of the Bold. Art. exhibition on 27 June 2018, Da Chuan, the Chinese artist of this round of the program, welcomed guests with a presentation about ‘Art & Design’. The exhibition space of the art pieces was creatively arranged in the mall’s busy open space to attract a large number of visitors.  Bold. Art. Kunming 1The 10-million city in Yunnan in Southwest China that benefits from natural resources, a good consumer market, and a mild climate, is also a great place to grow flowers and dream of a bright future.  

The Bold. Art. exhibition with its diverse art pieces interpreting the theme of ‘multiculturalism’ found an adequate setting and interwove seamlessly with the notion of future and openness. For example, the city will soon see the Pan Asian High Speed Network come to life and connect China with Southeast Asia.  Bold. Art. Kunming 154A1080Just as the artists communicated through their work the diversity and the richness of Asia-Pacific, the new high-speed rail will be an avenue to bring China, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar closer together.  Bold. Art. Kunming 6Honoring history and looking to the future is important at Kohler. This year marks the 145th anniversary of the company which was promoted at the art exhibition in Kunming. The display gave some background on the long history and showed the company’s commitment to the arts and the leading position in design and technology. The exhibition was free of charge and open to the public until 1 July 2018.  Bold. Art. Kunming 154A1280

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